Monroe Animal Hospital

179 Prospect Plains Road
Monroe Township, NJ 08831


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class 4 laser

The Monroe Animal Hospital will soon be using a state-of-the-art class 4 laser to offer pain and inflammation relief for our patients.

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The Monroe Animal Hospital is now using the latest technology to measure pet's blood pressure on an outpatient basis.  The DVM Solutions High Definition Oscillometry unit not only is the most accurate method on the market, but also allows for instantaneous graphing and computer recording of your pet's blood pressure.  This helps us in determining the validity of the test results as soon as they are taken.  More information on this tool can be found by clicking here

High Definition Oscillometry


The Monroe Animal Hospital is now carrying and using IVIVI loops for treatment of chronic pain and wound healing.  These pulsed electromagnetic field devices are FDA cleared for use in wound healing and arthritis in people and have been shown to promote healing in multiple studies.  More information on these devices can be found by clicking here 


Tonovet device

The Monroe Animal Hospital is using a Tonovet device for measuring eye pressure in dogs and cats.  This device allows us to determine if glaucoma  or uveitis is present in your pet.  We recommend yearly eye pressure screening on Beagles and Basset hounds, as well as any pet with a painful or red eye.


The Monroe Animal Hospital is now using a state-of-the-art warming device for use on any of our patients undergoing anesthesia.  We are committed to anesthetic safety and patient comfort; this device will help us to continue to achieve these goals.

The Hot Dog Warming device is used to maintain patient temperature during anesthesia., when they are sensitive to loss of heat.  It functions like a heating blanket but also utilizes and redirects a patient's own warmth to help maintain it. 

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We are now carrying the canine influenza vaccination.  As this disease has been diagnosed locally, we are recommending this vaccination for any dog that goes to kennels, dog parks, groomers, or dog events or shows.   Additional information on this disease and vaccination can be found at